locked Re: Draft not saved or updated while being edited for a long time #bug


Yes, it's the job of the user. But it's not the job of most groups.io members trying to post a message. And (in my opinion) it's not the job of group owners to educate their members in all of this. Members could care less, assuming they could even understand it. 

It's not a bug. It's not a feature. It's just the way it is. Which is why I tell my group members to avoid copy/pasting.

On Thu, Aug 5, 2021 at 9:15 AM Glenn Glazer <glenn.glazer@...> wrote:
Clearly, everyone should use vi. <sigh>

It's not the job of a web input form to accept every proprietary format out there. It's the job of the user to put it in plain text first and there are a thousand ways to do that up to and including using Word itself to save the file as txt file first.



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