locked Re: Draft not saved or updated while being edited for a long time #bug

Donald Hellen

Rubens . . .

On Wed, 4 Aug 2021 18:58:46 -0300, "Rubens" <rubens.alves@outlook.com>

JC| Unfortunately Word does not play
| nice with the editor in groups.io
| abd I discourage members from
| doing that.
I believe when you go to past text from another program, you have
multiple choices of HOW to past that text if you use the right click
menu instead of CTRL-V. At work, there are times when I don't want to
past text into another program that's formatted in that program. I
choose the past option on the right of the right click menu when I
want to do that.

Of course, if it's convenient, you can use Windows Notepad, or
Notepad++ (a 3rd party notepad-like program with additional features
over notepad.


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https://groups.io/g/HamRadioHelp https://groups.io/g/Baofeng
https://groups.io/g/CHIRP https://rf-amplifiers.groups.io/g/main

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