locked Draft not saved or updated while being edited for a long time #bug


I just lost a lot of work.  I was writing a medium-long reply (in my group) in the web interface, spread out over some time.  Writing took a long time and then I waited a while before sending it.  In the meantime it was still open in the window where I was editing it.  Later, I closed that window without either Sending or Discarding it because it wasn't quite ready yet.  (I saw that the full message was still there in the edit window.)

Minutes later I went back to finish and send it.  But 98% of the message is GONE!  It is reduced to the greeting and the start of my second paragraph.  The missing first paragraph (1 line) suggests that it saved my draft waaay back in the first minute I was writing it, and then ignored it and made no more saves after that point.  I believe it was around two hours when the message edit window was open, and no Saves were made in all that time.

I have gone back and re-opened the Draft several times, even logged back in, but it always looks the same.  I was on the Internet all this time.

What happened?  Do Drafts revert to earlier saves and discard later ones?  Does something go wrong if you take too long, or stop typing for a while?

Can we add a button to Save the current state of the message?  It appears we can't count on Groups.io to decide when to save it.


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