locked Re: Delete account?

Nightowl >8#

Mark wrote:>> So as things are, deleting your account and then reregistering is a way to get around being banned. This is a solvable problem, of course, but it would take work to rearchitect things.<<

This brings me to an important question.

What is your policy on multiple accounts for the same person? I think they should be allowed as long as you are not hiding your identity or pretending to be someone else to harrass someone.

Example of this need:
On my Yahoo Group MM, I had featheredleader in as owner/moderator, and then I had myself in as Owlsy as a backup owner/moderator in case anything went wrong with featheredleader.

Would that be allowable in here?

And could we somehow include in the rules or group guidelines that making multiple accounts for the purpose of hurting or harassing people is not ok?



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