moderated Re: Unexpected muted topic message in the middle of a topic #bug

Andy Wedge

On Wed, Jul 28, 2021 at 07:25 AM, Andy wrote:
 It looks to me that message #73008 contains considerable HTML, including graphics and clickable links and buttons.  If you open just that one message ( without the rest of the Topic around it, you can see it.
After further checking it does seem like #73008 contains a lot of unusual stuff that makes the display confusing. It appears as though it's showing #73008 and the message before is #73007. However if you just open #73008 on it's own and then use the left/right arrow buttons either side of the message number you can go forward to #73009 but back one message takes you to #73005. Messages #73006 & #73007 do not exist (as can also be confirmed by using the Messages view) so #73007 at least appears to have been deleted after #73008 was posted. Confirmation of when #73006 & #73007 were deleted should be in the Activity log.


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