moderated Re: Spam messages from "Aleksandr via group." #misc

Dave Sergeant

It depends what you mean by 'messages'. All the groups I mange only
members can reply to posts. But when somebody wishes to join they are
requested to email the owner to give some details so we can decide
whether to approve their membership. My amateur radio groups are
international and I can certainly expect members with .ru addresses. If
those replies during the joining process are blocked they will never be
able to join!


On 27 Jul 2021 at 5:26, Andy wrote:

re: "That said, we're now dropping all messages sent from non-members
with .ru domains to +owner addresses."

Although I understand the desire to cut down on unwanted junk, that
seems discriminatory.  Russia is a populous country and I'm sure there
are people there who are not 'bad actors'.  (I may be somewhat biased,
as I co-moderate a group with a rather international subscriber base so
I have had to think more cosmopolitan.)


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