moderated Unexpected muted topic message in the middle of a topic #bug

Paul Kanevsky

A few recent messages are muted, as if I muted the topic. Except that I didn't, and only some of the messages are muted this way. (See the second message in the screenshot below):

  1. Using browser and web interface (desktop and mobile, Chrome and Safari)
  2. Muted Topics menu shows that You have no muted topics
  3. Muted Hashtags shows that You have not muted any hashtags
  4. Message showing ×Your message has been sent instead of the actual message from the poster (I didn't send any messages)
  5. Clicking on "Unmute this Topic" button doesn't seem to do anything, same strange message remains
  6. I'm the group owner
If I log out from GIO and go to the same topic, I can see all the messages without any muted content. 

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