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On Sat, Jul 24, 2021 at 03:34 PM, Dan Tucker wrote:
It feels too much like a spy lurking in the shadows to me
Well, this conversation seems to have gone way off the rails. But I'll bite (to mix metaphors;). How is it a spy lurking in the shadows? It's just a matter of which way they choose to respond and has nothing to do with whether they respond at all or not. You can have a lurker who gets all the emails but never replies, let alone checks their email. Or you can have no-email members who reply to the group 10 times a day via the web. Whiich of those, to you, are the lurkers? And even if they lurk and DON'T reply one way or the other, some groups don't mind that. I have no requirement that members of my group send a bunch of messages or any messages at all and I think most groups are that way. But by all means, disable no-email if you feel that way. No need to criticize groups who, for whatever reason, allow no-email.

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