locked Re: Delete account?


On Thu, Jun 11, 2015 at 7:12 PM, Shal Farley <shal@...> wrote:

> What would it even mean to delete an account here?

It would presumably discard your photo, display name, and other Profile and preference information.

It could unsubscribe you from all groups. But that may not be a good idea.

> I'm assuming all your messages would stay.

I do too.

> If you ever created a new account with the same email, you'd own them
> once again.

That's more subtle.

The way the system is built is that every object in the system (user, group, message, subscription etc) has a unique numerical id. So my user id is 2 (I think). If you delete the user object, you lose the mapping from email address to that user id, and would not be able to "remap" old messages at a later time if you re-registered with the same email address.

A bigger issue with the system as it currently is, is with banned users. A banned user is just a special flag on a subscription record. Which ties to the user through the id. Delete the user, and their subscriptions are deleted as well. So as things are, deleting your account and then reregistering is a way to get around being banned. This is a solvable problem, of course, but it would take work to rearchitect things.

I can always disable someone's account. Which means they are inactive, but all the records stay in the system.


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