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Just to be clear: It’s not an “as needed” or “rarely needed” kind of thing, if by that mean disabling no-email when you need to reach everyone and then re-enabling it. It’s more of a permanent setting. Once you disable no-email, everyone who was no-email automatically becomes “special notices only.” But if you then re-enable no-email, they don’t go back to no-email. They just stay “special notices only.” To go back to the way things were, you would have to figure out who was originally no-email and set them all back to no-email by hand.

So if you disable no-email, it’s best to think of that as a permanent change.

On Jul 24, 2021, at 4:34 AM, Hank Seamon <hseamon@...> wrote:


Thank you.  I was looking for a "All Points Bulletin" way to reach everyone occasionally regardless of settings.  Turning off Nomail might do it. Rarely needed.

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