locked Special Announcement override #suggestion

Hank Seamon

Yesterday we had a member that went on a political rant that resulted in three members contemplating leaving our group. That person is now on indefinite Moderation due to several previous warnings.

The intent of our group is to discuss our Roadtreks and related travel.  No politics, personal attacks, jokes beyond the occasional quip.

I had sent a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT to the members reminding them of the SOP and also that the member was on moderation.

Request/question: Can the list be set up so that Special Announcements override any members that are not receiving individual email? One of our members that was upset by the tone and language of the other members message that they went on NOMAIL and, consequently did not see the explantion of how we, moderators, were dealing with the problem

By that I mean anyone on DIGEST, NOMAIL, etc., as this is a Special Announcement from the Moderators and/or Owner and should be seen by all members.
Hank S.
Littlestown, PA
One mailbox from a Gettysburg address

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