moderated Re: Menu problem with older computers #bug


SH| But why then do all the other menu
| items work, and it is just the "Your
| Groups" and "Admin" ones that do not?

BB> They don't work because they're
> pull-down menus. The others are
> just buttons.

SH| I'm asking if it would be possible
| to fix them so that they do work.

Steve, and we are telling you that
the problem probably might be with
your computer.

If you are accessing without
log in with a administrator account,
for example, the symptoms will be
exactly the ones you mentioned: no
admin menus will appear at all (neither
"Your Groups", nor "Admin"). Just the
users' menus will appear in this case.

Or if you (or something) turn off
the Javascript option.

Please, have you checked if you are
logged in with your groups administrator

[ ] Rubens


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