moderated Menu problem with older computers #bug

Steve Hayes

For a few months I had problems with the main menu.

The "Your Groups" item at the top, and the "Admin" item did not work.

A few weeks ago they started working again, and I was happy, but then a week
or two ago they stopped working again -- it looks as as though someone
reloaded the defective version from a backup.

I asked about this on the GMF forum, and it appears to affect only older
computers (mine runs Windows XP Service Pack 3 and Firefox v41 (later
versions of Firefox are bloatware).

As all the other menu items work OK, would it be possible to fix those two to

work for those of us who are pensioners and can't afford to buy the latest
hardware to run the latest bloatware every couple of years?

Steve Hayes
Phone: 083-342-3563 or 012-333-6727
Fax: 086-548-2525

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