moderated Re: Member Notice creation #suggestion


Regarding non unique notice+group combos, what about enhancing the notice list display, by renaming the Date caption to Date Last Edited and adding another column with the Date Created value. (assuming of course that field exists in the db and gets populated)  It doesn't really resolve the dupe nuisance, but it does make it a bit clearer/helpful to the admin which may be the "good" notice and should prompt them to do house-cleaning.

Another possibility is to check the name+group pair after being populated and lose focus and just add a colored FYI info text blurb under the Name box or thereabouts, similar to what happens now (on premium groups) if an admin attempts to change a member's email address to an existing one.  Or alternatively, depending on which is easier/faster to implement, put up an FYI info balloon at the top of the screen after saving the notice, alerting the admin there is another notice existing with the same name+group combo.  Either should be enough for the admin to realize their oops as I don't personally see why one would create a dupe name+group notice on purpose.  

A similar FYI balloon could also be displayed when the admin goes into the notices screen to alert them about the existence of dupes; again that may prompt them to clean things up and maybe the dupes will be weeded-out eventually, to where an actual requirement rule could then be introduced and enforced during notice creation/editing.


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