moderated #bug Missing messages within Group #bug

Sally Davies

Hello all

I've been pointed towards this Group from the io Group Help.

I'm having a problem with a Group that I'm a member of which only started today - and it's very annoying!

I have my 'items per page' preference set to 20 items, but for some reason today it's set itself to 400 messages per page. So, messages 1-400 should be on page #1, but it's still only showing 20 items. When I click on page #2 it is showing messages 401-800, again showing only 20 items. So I've got 380 messages missing on each page! Between page #1 and #2 I'm missing the time period April 26th to July 19th....

I can find the missing messages using the search function, but they stubbornly refuse to appear in the message list :(

I've logged out and back in again, I've changed the preferences to 'infinite scrolling' (still missing that time period) and back again and none of it works. Help!

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