moderated Member Notice creation #suggestion

Bruce Bowman

Mark -- We had a user in GMF get confused when he repeatedly attempted to save a member notice of type Direct Add but it never appeared in the list of notices. As it turned out, he had failed to type anything into the editor, and that's why the notice was discarded. Although I like this behavior, it is [apparently] less than intuitive.

While investigating this, I was surprised to also discover that I can create a Member Notice with the same Name and Type as an existing one, or with no name at all. This is disconcerting when you subsequently attempt to select one to send.

My suggestion is twofold:
  • Require the Name field to be both populated and unique, and
  • (More importantly) keep the "Add Notice" button at the bottom greyed out and inactive until all required fields are populated.
Thanks for your consideration,

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