moderated Re: Annoying text replacement in search fields #bug



A bit more clarification on this for messages, I did some further testing.  The part of clearing the search text and not sticking seems to work fine but there is a bit of quirkiness, in both Topics and Messages view:

A: If one starts at the Topics view,

and searches for spam, things look ok, you get back 842 results

If one clears the search text and enter/clicks, the search box clears, albeit the search text still shows in the URL's 3rd parameter (I guess p3 is for page nav when the search box is populated?):

The screen kinda reverts to Message view though, I thought it would go back to Topics view, but in any case, if one searches for something else now, like savvy, 96 messages are returned, and the URL changes to , with p1=recentpostdate changing to Created and p2=sticky going away.

If one now clears that search text, the URL resets to and all messages are returned as expected.


B: If one starts at the Messages view,

and searches for spam, the same 842 results are returned but in 842 pages, one at a page as Bruce's screenshot shows.  The URL is

If the search text is cleared, all the messages are returned as expected, but now still only one displayed at a page (and hitting the 10K limit it seems), and again with p3 still showing the search text

Searching for savvy now returns the 96 messages, again one at a page.


Interestingly, if one uses the <> nav buttons in either case, the URL resets to using commas instead of the hex values, and p3 goes away, unless q has a value in which case p3 stays but q goes away).

Hope this helps.


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