moderated Re: Annoying text replacement in search fields #bug


I also agree it is annoying as it causes one to do unnecessary clicks (the savvy/savvier ones) or causes one to contact the mods or post to the group to ask what's going on (the non-savvy ones).

Seems to me something is not getting reset or "un-cached".  The search query value can be specified in two places in the URL parameter list, the third parameter in the &p= list, plus in the &searchq= additional parameter, and in many cases, one of them doesn't clear, when it should be.  If one clears the search box and clicks the Search button, the searchq parameter clears in the resulting URL but not in the 3rd parameter, it still stays there, hence after the refresh the search box gets repopulated again when the parameter list is parsed.  If one manually clears both search parameters in the URL and presses enter, then things work fine.  So either something in the code remembers something it shouldn't or maybe the Search click isn't correctly clearing both places.

It may also be a combination of something not refreshing properly, because if one has a search term in there in order to display a certain membership subset, and then let's say deletes one of those members, the page acts like it refreshed but it really doesn't, leaving the member you just removed still showing in the list, causing a double-take initially, and requiring a manual refresh.  I think this bit also has been around for a while.

Regarding the hex codes, this must have been introduced  (relatively) recently when one clicks on Search, as beforehand, when one would click on let's say the DisplayName in the member list (to introduce the parameters in the URL), and then add a search value (hotmail in this case), the URL would change to something like this:


or the same but with the additional csrf= parameter:


But if you do this now, it changes to this:


One can manually enter the parameters with the commas in the URL, and manipulate them to do a search and navigate through the result set without touching the Search button, but as soon as the Search button is clicked, the URL changes to the hex codes.


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