moderated Re: Searches of Members limited to 10000 #bug


Yes, that 10000 limit seems to exist all over  I should have mentioned it in my post.  Even so, it is not handled the same everywhere.

When searching for groups, it says there are 35779 groups, but refuses to go past the 10000th group.  If searching for a subset of groups, it tells you the right number even when it is >10000.

But when searching for members, it reports that there are 10000 members in the search but that is the wrong answer.  So it is different.

Maybe it would help - marginally - if Mark had it display ">10000".

I am surprised that any tool still has hard limits like this.  It feels like Y2K.  Didn't we learn that lesson already?  Of course there must be a limit; but choosing a search tool that is limited to 10000 doesn't make sense today.  We know there can be more than 10000 groups, members, messages, or files -- because we already exceed it.


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