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Not just search fields. It’s also very hard to get rid of copied text in a reply message. You can delete it from your draft a hundred times but ultimately, the only way to get rid of it is to delete the draft and start over. Because apparently, it’s not saved in the draft itself, but one level higher up. I’m used to it….

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(I'm not sure whether to call this a #bug, but it feels like one.)

Preface:  There are many places in where it does not work to clear the contents of boxes or search fields.  If I am viewing the Members list and then Search within it for some text string, and then clear the contents of the Search box, automagically re-populates the Search box with my last search string, as if it can't let it go.  The same thing happens when searching in the Activity log, or Messages, or Files, and probably everywhere else.  It's a known 'feature', but it's annoying!  The Morale is, don't do that.  One has to click Members again (or Activity or Messages or Files or whatever), to start over with a clean view.  OK, I can live with that; and I am gradually becoming accustomed to having to do that whenever I use  It affects all users, not just moderators.

But the more weird / annoying thing happens if the search string had any non-alphanumeric text, and I try to clear it. replaces the non-alphanumeric characters with their hex equivalents.

For example, let's say I search for 'a*b'.  I don't know if treats * as a wildcard, but let's give it a try.  Now I see the results, and let's say I want to go back to the unfiltered list, so I clear the contents of the Search box because I forgot (or didn't know) that does not let me do that.  However, now re-populates the Search box with 'a%2Ab'.  That is, it turned the '*' character into '%2A' when it re-populated the Search box.  Of course nothing comes up from this search because none of the entries contained that actual text string.  All efforts to delete it fail.

Can be changed so that it doesn't convert '*' to '%2A'?  And not convert '[' to '%5B'?  And so on.

Better yet, can allow us to clear a Search field and not insist on re-filling it with a corrupt version of its previous contents?  (Is there any reason why must re-populate the search field that we want cleared?  Does anyone find it useful that it does this?  Sorry if this has been answered already.)



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