moderated Site updates #changelog


Changes to the site this week:

July 16, 2021:

  • INTERNAL: Updates to our admin system to make researching group issues easier.
  • CHANGE: For plain text messages larger than 500KB, we truncate the display of them.

July 14, 2021:

  • NEW: You can now tapback chat messages (thumbs up/down/heart/exclamation mark/etc).
  • NEW: You can now send photos as chat messages.
  • NEW: When typing a chat message, if you type the @ character, that brings up an auto-completion list of user names.
  • NEW: You can now delete chat messages.

July 13, 2021:

  • INTERNAL: More work on detecting spammers.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed an issue where erroneous moderator permissions activity log change messages were being generated. Discussion
  • SYSADMIN: Switched our internal DNS caching architecture to use CoreDNS, in the hopes of being able to track down/eliminate spurious DNS MX lookup errors.

July 12, 2021:

  • BUGFIX: Special event reminders were being sent as normal messages. Discussion
  • CHANGE: The new activity log entry Moderator changed notifications is used for notification changes. Past changes were logged with Moderator changed moderator permissions.
  • BUGFIX: In some instances the link included in the login link email contained a subdomain, which was invalid.

Take care everyone.


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