moderated Re: #suggestion Let sender or moderator know that a message has been flagged as spam #suggestion



Although it's best to ignore emailed (and phone) spam wouldn't a
spam-puter get back an >*undeliverable*< message if the email *WAS
NOT* received and trapped (i.e., it was sent to an invalid e-dress)?
Beta really isn't the venue for lessons in how internet mail works (nothing here Mark doesn't know), but that's not quite how it works.

What the spam-puter "gets back" is either a "success" code (the message was successfully transferred to the receiving server) or an "error" code (the message was not received or was not accepted)*. There isn't an option for the receiving service to give no result at all - that would break the protocol (SMTP).

In the case of a failure to deliver the message, the sender's email service (its "mailer daemon" or "postmaster") will likely put a failure notice in the user's inbox. Though formed like an email message, the failure notice wasn't "received" from anywhere outside of the sending service itself.

And if ignored and sent to a spam box (and was subsequently deleted)
wouldn't the spam-puter receive a spam notice (like gio does which
would then confirm it was a valid e-dress)?
Generally not.

The feedback mechanism by which is informed of messages marked as "spam" isn't a part of the standard email protocol. It is a separate mechanism and requires that sender and receiver establish a "contract" (relationship of trust) before setting it up.

* There are gradations of success and error codes, as well as an accompanying "one-liner" human readable text. But that doesn't change the explanation in a meaningful way.

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