moderated Re: #suggestion Let sender or moderator know that a message has been flagged as spam #suggestion



Spammers likely don't care 'who' the person is on the other end.  If someone receives their spam, then they succeeded and they know that address works.
You missed my point about addressee responses and server responses.

During the transaction when the sender (legit or spammer) connects to to deliver the message has only two choices: accept the message or reject it. Marc's evidence is that is accepting the spam message (there was no failure notice at the sender). Either way though, the spammer learned that's server is functioning - which is unavoidable.

If Marc's evidence is correct then the spammer now has every reason to believe that the message was delivered to the addressee. A deferred Bounce message from might cast doubt on that inference; but I agree with your assessment that typical bulk spam sources probably won't process such responses in any meaningful way.


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