moderated #suggestion Let sender or moderator know that a message has been flagged as spam #suggestion

Marc S. Glasser

I'm new here, so please correct me if I've handled this wrong. I raised this issue in GMF but didn't get a satisfying answer other than "Post it to beta." Please pardon my verbosity, too.

I sent my new group a post from an e-address _other_ than the one I'm registered under. It got flagged as spam.
An identical message sent from the e-address that knows for me was held for moderation, as it should be (I have "All messages are moderated" set).

OK, I understand that nonmembers' posts are subject to a higher bar to be accepted as genuine than members' posts. That's fair.

My problem is that when the first message was rejected, there was _nothing_ sent _either_ to the sending e-address _or_ to me as moderator, to inform the sender or the moderator that the post had been flagged as spam. (Yes, I checked my own spam filters, and I repeated the post to double-check that nothing was ever returned.) I would never have known that the post hadn't accidentally gotten re-routed to a small planet not far from Betelgeuse, except that someone suggested I look in the Activity page. There I found:

Non-member <e-address> attempted to send message "<subject>" and the message was rejected because it was determined to be spam, via email

As long as spam filters are not perfect, I think there should be a notification sent either to the sender or to the moderator, or both, that the message has been rejected.

You don't have to give away any state secrets about what exactly triggered the algorithm to reject the post; just do someone the courtesy of letting them know that it's happened. Otherwise, since I have no objection to nonmembers posting to the list, I need to monitor the Activity page every day to make sure a post has not been made to vanish mysteriously.

Thanks for hearing me out.

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