moderated Shorten pending-message notification email, put sender name at the top #suggestion


The pending-message notification email currently reads
"A message was sent to the group [group web address] from [sender] that needs to be approved."

I previously sent a suggestion to add the reason for the needed approval. I am now also suggesting that the message be changed to put the sender name closer to the top of the message body, and to shorten the message by using the group name instead of the complete web address, so that the sender can be seen more quickly, without having to open the message. Currently, if perusing the notifications on my phone, I see everything BUT the sender's name unless I open the message.

My suggestion is to change the message to read "[sender] sent a message to [group name - not complete web address] needing approval because [reason - e.g., the user is moderated, the topic is moderated].

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