moderated Re: Stop adding images from cal-summary messages to the Emailed Photos album #suggestion

Andy Wedge

Hi Bruce,

On Sat, Jun 19, 2021 at 03:56 PM, Bruce Bowman wrote:
My understanding is that Emailed Photos is merely an index of photo attachments...another way to "get at" these photos. It's also my understanding that the #cal-summary messages are stored in the message archive, like any other message. Please correct me if I'm wrong with either of these premises.
The Member's Manual and the Owner's Manual in particular state that images are stored in the Emailed Photos Album and count towards a group's storage limit.  I am happy to be corrected but that doesn't sound like merely an index to me.

In answer to your questions:

Is it prudent to create a discrepancy between what arrives in your email inbox and what appears in the archive?
I'm not saying that.  If the Emailed Photos Album is holding an extra copy each time a #cal-summary message is created than I don't believe that's necessary.

Would it make more sense to just strip all images from the #cal-summary before sending? 
We advertise different events in our calendar which include various images to make things more appealing to members. I don't think stripping out images would help in that respect.  The #cal-summary message in particular is a repeat of what is already in the archive and an individual event and it's images can be sent out multiple times (each week in our case)..

If the images aren't stripped, yet don't appear in Emailed Photos, won't that make it harder to delete them later? 
In relation to #cal-summary messages, they all have the same subject: "Upcoming Events" and so are easily identifiable via Admin > Billing (or Admin > Usage) and then viewing attachments (being able to sort by message Subject may make it easier though).

Maybe something like this should be done for every system-generated message. Is there something special about #cal-summary that makes it an exception?
I think my comments above have covered this.

If the Emailed Photos Album is an index then it's not very user friendly (and I would suggest the manuals need clarifying).  If I look something up in an index in a book then a single entry will typically list all the page numbers where that item is found.  The equivalent on would be to show a single image and then list all the messages where that image occurs (and listing the image size and number of occurrences would help storage management too).


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