moderated Site updates #changelog


Changes to the site this week:

June 17, 2021:

  • DOCS: Member Manual updates from Nina.
  • NEW: You can now sort columns when viewing poll responses by answer.
  • BUGFIX: If a #poll-notice is pending, and the poll is edited by a moderator before approval, and the moderater had a display name set but the member who created the poll did not have a display name set, the member's display name would be set to the moderator's display name.
  • NEW: You can now export individual poll results, in either CSV or JSON format.
  • NEW: Poll responses are now shown with links to the responders' profiles.
  • NEW: When viewing poll responses, the respondents display/fullnames are now updated if they've changed since voting occurred.

June 16, 2021:

  • NEW: Export group now has an option to export polls.
  • BUGFIX: For enterprise groups with Disable Signups set to true, we were still showing the Apply button on the group home page, even when it did nothing.
  • BUGFIX: Fix overlapping box when no events to display in calendar list view. Discussion

June 15, 2021:

  • BUGFIX: Strip out duplicate group subject tags in messages sent +owner. Discussion
  • NEW: Added more sig tags to be stripped out. Discussion

June 14, 2021:

  • CHANGE: Make the quoted printable decoder more liberal by accepting lower case hex letters.

Take care everyone.


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