moderated Re: #suggestion Please rewrite email coming from domain #suggestion


On Thu, Jun 10, 2021 at 6:55 AM Alastair France via <> wrote:
Thank you Mark, and I can confirm that the change has worked.

It would be worth knowing (I did try looking for information) that this would have been automatic with a different DMARC setting, but there is an element of "cart before the horse" here. I introduced DMARC and wanted to see where there would be any problems if I did turn on a different disposition (which seems a thoroughly sensible thing to do). By FAR the worst "offender" in terms of reports coming back was (which is not necessarily surprising considering messages get "broadcast" somewhat).

Some time back I had proposed a change to how handles DMARC p=none. Currently (and then), we treat that the same as no DMARC record, and we do no re-writing of From lines. I proposed treating p=none the same as p=quarantine/restricted, in that it'd trigger the automatic From re-writing. I got a lot of pushback on that, so I didn't make theĀ change. But I get one or two inquiries a week from people going through the same process you did. Treating p=none the same as the others would fix that.


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