moderated Re: Strip out more common email sigs #suggestion

Dave Sergeant

Indeed, which is why I always disabled these tag lines when I used
Avast. In any case, it is quite easy for the user to disable them in
Avast options, although slightly hidden.

I don't use Avast now, having realised that it had not alerted me to
anything for many years I have moved to Windows Defender which doesn't
have these quirks.


On 15 Jun 2021 at 22:42, D R Stinson wrote:

Virus scanning is useful info and should not be removed - unlike
the strictly obnoxious advertisements "Sent from ..." and such.
Remember - anything that can be added as a tag line can be spoofed. If
you're not doing your own virus scanning you're just waiting for
trouble. The only reason the VS companies put on a tag lines is

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