moderated Re: Strip out more common email sigs #suggestion


I guess I don't really get many of these annoying commercial sigs in the lists that I subscribe to, but I just searched through a bunch of email to find an Avast sig...

It is pre-pended with a "-- " (dash-dash-space sequence on a line of its own), which is the ancient standard sig separator from Usenet days of old. It may be possible to simply trim everything after a dash-dash-space sequence. I guess you would want to check an assortment of Avast sigs to see if they are consistent in this respect.

Also, regexp (regular expression) search & replace (if available) might be a more powerful way of trimming Avast and other such sigs rather than trying to specify every existing variation.


On 06/15/21 14:46, Mark Fletcher wrote:
On Tue, Jun 15, 2021 at 6:38 AM Andy Wedge < <>> wrote:
| <>
/(Note: not prefixed with 'Sent')/
I've added these, thanks.
As for the Avast ads, I agree that they're super annoying. Unfortunately, they're tricky to catch because the company is always changing the text/links. So it's difficult to write code to find all of them.

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