moderated Subject tags in non-group posts #bug


Popping my head above the parapet because this is driving me mad.

I hate having subject tags on posts that are not sent directly to the group itself. This is a recentissh change that has made it a lot harder to filter messages where they need to go in my e-mail program (e.g. just found a few subscription approval requests in the folder for that group's messages). But I don't get my requests granted, so I'm just sucking it up .

What I am flagging as a bug is the endless repetition of these subject tags. One is now being added every time the mods write to each other, or whenever the mods communicate privately with group members. A current thread running behind the scenes of my group has four at the moment. You can't see the actual subject line for all the subject tags! Could it please just entirely disappear (my preference) or just remain at one subject tag at most.


Helen (not Tanya)

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