moderated Re: #suggestion Please rewrite email coming from domain #suggestion


On Mon, Jun 7, 2021 at 6:31 AM Alastair France <afrance@...> wrote:
Hi - I have two problems relating to mail delivery from to this domain - one being that the DMARC policy applying to this domain expects messages to be signed with the domain key, and messages that are coming from users here which are showing as coming from (for example) afrance@... are instead signed by; the second being that messages coming in to the domain from users within the domain are not authenticating so get bounced (this is because the mail server expects internal users to authenticate before they are permitted to send mail to prevent open relay issues). These could both be fixed by rewriting messages originating from here. I did raise a ticket for this some time ago, but there was no response and it was suggested that I raise it here.

Emails are now being re-written from that domain. That domain has a p=none for DMARC. If it was p=reject or p=quarantine, we would have automatically handled it.


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