moderated Re: #misc Issue with bouncing messages (seems as mail from is sent to wrong mail server) #misc

YT9TP - Pedja

Usually what this means is that we had a problem looking up the MX record for
your domain and fell back on using the A record. I don't know why we had a
problem with the lookup, but it appears to be temporary.
I agree. This happens quite rarely but it efficiently and promptly disables me getting email. I follow some pretty important groups and this is problem, that I miss some emails until I found out there is an issue. That is the reason I am trying to resolve this.

One of the solutions may be that is set to be less rigid on bounces (at least these ones), to avoid these temporary glitches to deactivate emails.

The IP address,, is on SORBS Spam list and may play a part in this issue.
It does not get to the point to check SORBS. Mail is sent to server that is not accepting mail for specified domain so it rejects it promptly.

It would be necessary to supply the domain name in order to investigate the issue. That
said, I cannot imagine this would "occasionally" be anything other than some type of DNS
configuration issue since it is the sole source of determining where an email is attempted
to be sent.
Domain is in my email address:

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