moderated Re: RSVP event organisers cannot contact responders #bug

Andy Wedge

On Thu, Jun 3, 2021 at 05:46 PM, Mark Fletcher wrote:
The organizer email field is just a simple text field. We don't do anything with it, including linking it with a member or validating that the text entered even looks like an email address.
OK. I'll revert to my original plan then and make the suggestion that if there is a single valid email address in that field and they are a member of the group that they see the Actions button with the various options to contact responders?

Given that the field name is called Organiser Email that's probably what most people type so it could be validated as a single email address.  Based upon their Role, Mods and Owners are already shown the Actions button so perhaps an additional check could also be if the organiser email is a member of the group?  My co-owner and I, and all our subgroup Moderators are trying to make much more use of the RSVP event functionality but currently we have to send messages to responders on behalf of the event organisers. In the medium to long term, especially with more events being created as Covid restrictions ease, that is just not practical.  Our Mods would still plan to add details to the calendars to ensure they match our styles and colour coding for different event types but after that, leave it to the event organisers.


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