moderated Re: Uncheck of Auto Follow Replies in Advanced Preferences is not saved #bug


 For Auto Follow Replies the manual states "This checkbox is selected automatically when you select Following Only" but to me that means that it is initially selected to try and be helpful and the fact that a check-box is there means I should be able to uncheck it.  If it's not supposed to be possible to uncheck it then it's pretty pointless being there and the comment in the manual is superfluous

Agreed, it's not working quite right.  Even if I personally don't see why someone who is FO wouldn't want to AFR their own replies, I agree that the way it behaves now, it's like "I'm always on as if the checkbox is disabled".

I think this is a case of the AdvPrefs UI-display/defaults init code doing its thing regardless without checking what AFR was previously set-to or changed-to.  Or it could be the uncheck is actually saved on the db but then the reopen resets it anyway overwriting it, maybe in the validation code part.

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