moderated Re: HTML formatting being stripped from Calendar Event notices #bug


On Thu, Jun 3, 2021 at 7:21 AM Yusuf Leo Schuman <lschuman1@...> wrote:
A group I maintain ( is used to post daily messages to group members. The descriptions of these events are HTML formatted. Beginning 5/27, this HTML formatting is being stripped from notices sent to group members, and from Messages visible in the web UI. 

I have made no change to any group settings. Is this a deliberate change of system behavior? Or a bug?

On May 27th, I changed how some system notices, including #cal-notice messages were generated. Previously, they had ignored the group's Normalize HTML Emails setting, but after the change, they were no longer ignoring that setting. Your group has that checked, so you started seeing the result of that.

I've restored the previous behavior, and all new #cal-notice messages sent to your group should have the formatting.


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