moderated Re: New Locked Topic member notice #update

Andy Wedge

On Thu, Jun 3, 2021 at 04:11 PM, Mark Fletcher wrote:

As usual, questions can generate more questions!

- Should the Active locked topic member notice be returned when someone emails a locked topic?
Do you mean in addition to the usual rejection message or in place of?
- Should the Active locked topic member notice be sent when a topic is started with a hashtag that has the `Locked` checkbox checked? Or possibly a selector to pick which locked topic notice to send?
We use the 'locked' setting on the #poll-notice hashtag to 'encourage' people to use the web UI and vote online. A locked topic notice for a poll would therefore need to be worded different to effectively say 'go online to respond' whereas a normal locked topic response would be 'you can no longer respond'.  How do we differentiate?  If a poll topic is locked and the poll is closed, what happens then?


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