moderated Message can't be sent and can't be deleted #bug


I sent a short message in one of my groups via the web interface.  But I think it did not actually sent.  After clicking "Send", immediately brought be to the page that lists all my group subscriptions.

Now, Drafts shows that there is one message in Drafts, which is the one I thought I sent.  But if I click on that message to open it, I get an error, "That message number does not exist."

So, now I have that reply from me, sitting in Drafts, impossible to send, and no way to open it without an error.  Is it just doomed?

I think what happened is that the sender of the message I was replying to, deleted their message immediately before I sent my reply to it.  So now my reply lives in hyperspace with no way to access it.  I guess I can probably still discard it from Drafts (didn't try yet), but I wanted to do something with it before blindly deleting it, sight-unseen.


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