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Bruce Bowman wrote:
I actually tried to search for it but came up empty.

Hey Bruce

If you can't define it, you can't enforce it.  If you can't measure it, you cant fix it.

Here is a prior msg to Mark (just copied verbatim so forgive my not fine-tuning it) when we had been discussing the "new" beta group back in Jan 2020.  Could we use this as a jumping-off point for interested-others to add to and suggest guidelines to Mark he could fine tune to whatever will help him the most?

Will you be publishing guidelines - specifically referring to what is most helpful to you and want to see added (or refrained from) re: discussion of a #suggestion.  Some thoughts if you decide to go that route:

- "I agree" and "me too" be forever banned (unless Beta is intended to be a popularity poll.)  "LIKE" works.

- "No one will use that" -  no one has enough foresight to definitively predict what the average user (or non-average) will or will -

- "That would cause a mess" or "cause more confusion than now" or "can't be implemented"  or ..... similar type replies.  

- For the most part "opinions" have little value and add to unnecessary chaff on Beta.  Everyone has one and every one (just as everyone) is as valid as another.

- "Fact-based" -  discussions/additions/clarifications that are fact-based and add to understanding or clarification (or forbid improvement) of someone else's suggestion, not leading to needing to defend one's opinions (rather than presenting or clarifying facts,) which adds tons of chaff. 

....more..?    Thx

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