locked Re: announce on topic lock #suggestion


Hi All,

Well, 40+ messages on this topic, plus a few more in moderation that I have not approved, certainly is ... something. I'd like to remind everyone to try to keep things positive here. For feature requests, please try to include as much detail as possible. For responses to those feature requests, I'd appreciate:

  • Helpful responses pointing out existing features that already do what's requested
  • Suggestions for improvements to the original feature request

What I'm not interested in is "I wouldn't use this" or "I don't see how that'd be useful" or "meh" type responses. Those don't help anyone. I'm not saying there can't or shouldn't be disagreement here; please keep it focused on improving feature suggestions, and not just shooting down ideas. If there is another way to accomplish what the proposed feature is asking for, it's fine to point that out, if you believe the original poster doesn't know that. But always assume good intentions here; everyone just wants to make the service better.

I'm not going to force some new behavior on all groups willy nilly. Except, well, I've got this great new feature that will be inserting the <blink> tag in all emails going forward. You're all going to love it! :-)

As for this particular feature, I'll be adding a new Locked Topic member notice (this is not live yet). You can have multiple of these notices, with one active. The active one would be used if you lock a topic from the Topics page. There will be a dropdown listing all of them if you go to the Topic Properties page and lock the topic that way. I haven't figured out how to handle automatic locking of topics yet. Hopefully this will go up later this week.

Finally, I've locked this topic. And, as you can see with the existence of this message, I've added the ability for moderators/owners to reply to messages in locked topics. This is now live.


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