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Glenn Glazer

On 05/25/2021 07:56, Donald Hellen wrote:
On Tue, 25 May 2021 06:45:20 -0700, "J_Catlady"
<j.olivia.catlady@...> wrote:

But for argument's sake, several people here, including me have mentioned that moderating, announcing, and then locking is inconvenient. 

Having a one or two step method of locking and announcing the lock
would be convenient for some groups, especially where there's a lot of
activity in a group, even if it's used only on rare occasions. 

The idea is to make it easier to manage groups, and if this isn't
needed in anyone's particular group, they don't have to use the
feature. It will no doubt be an opt-in feature that would require
checking a box or clicking a button, and not doing those things would
not trigger the announcement. 

I manage close to 30 groups, most of them related to amateur radio,
and anything that makes things easier is desirable. I am adding
moderators and co-owners as they grow but this would also make it
easier for those other administrators of the groups I founded. 


Yes, this was all I had in mind when I suggested this. I think the next time I suggest something here I will remember to very explicit about opt-in.


P.S. My partner is a ham, she's studying for her general right now.

PG&E Delenda Est

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