moderated Re: Unknown bounce issue #bug

Derek Milliner


I made a broad and possibly invalid assumption that your incoming mail is handled by your own mail server (e.g. postfix, sendmail etc.) and that how your script is called by the mail server. If this is not the case then my references to the SMTP dialogue don't apply. If it is your own mail server, then the key debug info will be in the mail server logs.

If you haven't already done so I'd add a debug line in your script that simply writes to a local file when it's called just in case there's something in the message which also causes the copy to you to fail. Belt 'n' braces.

If the message isn't even getting as far as calling your script and it's not your own mail server then you'd need to work with the provider to get log details on what's happening with that specific source. It may be of course that they changed something about 6 months ago. Mark may be able to use the info you've provided to shed a little more light from the GIO end.

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