locked Re: announce on topic lock #suggestion

Donald Hellen

Andy . . .

On Mon, 24 May 2021 15:22:37 -0700, "Andy Wedge"
<andy_wedge@linetwo.co.uk> wrote:

I don't see a good reason for this either and the last thing I want is unnecessary messages going to members just to tell them that a topic is locked. I would object to any automatic sending of messages for this purpose and if there's an option when locking a topic, I certainly wouldn't use it and would not want it set by default.
Agreed, and I don't think anyone was thinking it should be a default

Not sure how automatic locking of topics after a set period of time
goes by would be handled if a group wanted those announced also but
depending on how Mark would set this up, it could be an opt-in (not
default) option for automatically locked topics.

However, the original idea being discussed is about when a topic is
manually locked and how it can optionally send an announcement that
the topic is locked with a manual choice to do so made by the
moderator, or a setting to do so automatically but not by default (by
opt-in only). To make it default by nature would no doubt upset things
in many existing groups.

If it's desirable by some to also send an announcement when an
auto-locked topic, say after a few months (like someone here has their
groups set up to do), is locked, perhaps that could also be an option,
not set by default.

Most of us who are interested in this are just looking for some manual
way to send an announcement of the lock, and how that is done is not
as important as the ability to do it. The details can be worked out
before implementation on how the best way to do it might be.


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