moderated Re: Unknown bounce issue #bug


Hi Mark,

that is the only reason given

The group is

or specifically it is a sub group of

the email address of the account that keeps bouncing is:

The ONLY message that causes this problem is from:
Tony Scott Warren

and the emails all have the subject line of :
PlanePlotter Log from Howden, East Yorkshire 23/05/2021
(Where the date changes)

There are also messages produced by the same piece of software which do not bounce, and a couple of examples are those with subject lines starting with:
PlanePlotter Log from East Devon
PlanePlotter Log from Macapá, AP - Brazil

I cannot remember exactly when the bouncing issue started, but it was about 6 months ago, for the 1-2 years we have been using your service prior to that, everything was just fine.

If you need any more info please just ask as this really is frustrating me.


On 24/05/2021 11:07, Mark Fletcher wrote:
On Sun, May 23, 2021 at 9:07 AM Alexis <> wrote:


For about 6 months now I have been having an extremely annoying issue with
messages being bounced from one individual

The reason given is:


That is it!

I need more information in order to investigate this. Is this the reason
given in the Email Delivery History for this individual? What is their
email address? And what is the name of the group.

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