locked Re: announce on topic lock #suggestion

Donald Hellen

On Mon, 24 May 2021 07:56:27 -0700, "J_Catlady"
<j.olivia.catlady@gmail.com> wrote:

Or, put it on moderation and then hurry to make the annoucement before having to deal with attempted posts, and THEN lock it. This is currently a PITA.
This is what I do also, and it's not convenient. I'd like something
automatic instead. It just makes sense.

But make it an option because for sure there will be some group owners
who won't need or want it. Some groups work a bit differently than the
run of the mill groups most of us operate, and I wouldn't want to
force this on those groups. Opt-in or opt-out would be OK with me, but
for existing groups make it so they're not automatically switched to


Some ham radio groups you may be interested in:
https://groups.io/g/ICOM https://groups.io/g/Ham-Antennas
https://groups.io/g/HamRadioHelp https://groups.io/g/Baofeng
https://groups.io/g/CHIRP https://rf-amplifiers.groups.io/g/main

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