moderated Re: Quoting Message Posts in Replies #suggestion



This would suppress the Quote Message Post button from the composition
window and automatically quote the message being replied to.
Or perhaps convert it into a Remove Quote function, in case you don't want it there.

Only the immediate post would be quoted; not accumulated threads.
That's the real trick.

I believe that it has been suggested long ago in beta, both in terms of the Quote Message Post function and in terms of auto-trimming trailing quotes in posts by email. Many cases can be handled by a few relatively simple heuristics, but ultimately one runs into the rabbit-hole of all the various quoting mark-ups used (or not used) by members' email applications.

I think that rabbit-hole is part of the reason Reply doesn't simply quote the whole message post (absent a selected text), as many email interfaces do, and the Quote Message Post button was the work-around. On the theory that anyone who uses it deliberately would be more likely to trim the result than if it were simply a default action.

My only concern with making it a group option is that it is yet another behavior that could be inconsistent among my group memberships. On the other hand, I'll disqualify myself from that opinion because I rarely post via web. Also, in many groups most of the members are solely members of that group, so it may be that relatively few users would ever notice the inconsistency.

2) An interactive alert ("popup") in the composition window giving the
poster the option to quote the post they are replying to, ...
I'm really not a fan of nagging popups - especially when they force a decision and extra click at that moment. I'd almost rather see Clippy* float over and suggest that you might like to use the Quote Message Post function.


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