moderated Re: Unknown bounce issue #bug

Derek Milliner


First instinct is that the recipient machine running the script is throwing an error and breaking the SMTP connection without sending any message back to the sender; this might explain why the only entry in the 'Reason' is that HTML comment ((<!-- ). Various reasons for this, including:
  • Mail handler doesn't have permission to run the script
  • Mail handler doesn't have permission to read the script
  • Component required to run the script isn't present, is broken or has incorrect permissions/privileges (possibly due to being updated)
  • Non-printing character embedded in script, often due to cut & paste between dissimilar OSes (e.g. Windows -> Linux) causing a syntax error

There may be others of course, but without knowing the setup it's speculation right now. I presume from the way you describe the process that you have a script that generates a message which is posted to the group, the message then being delivered to members and processed by the second script. It's highly unlikely to be a problem at the send given that only this one account has the issue.


I would try manually connecting to the recipient's mail server and emulating the delivery process with SMTP commands (EHLO, RCPT TO, MAIL FROM, DATA etc.); this would at least indicate whether it's possible to make a successful delivery (get an SMTP '250' code back). If you have a sample message it can be pasted in after the DATA command to try & generate an expected reply.

If the manual process doesn't work either, then it's a question of the user checking their system & logs to try and nail down the cause of the problem. 

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