moderated Non Daily Digests #bug

Tommy Meehan

I am owner of a group that is affiliated with a small national historical society. It is a 501(c)(3) with over 2,000 members. About 25% belong to our message board on I have two memberships in the group, my owner's membership and a regular member's account. Both are subscribed to a full feature digest, are located in the Eastern time zone and I am not following or muting any topics in either account.

Starting last month my owner's account began occasionally receiving daily digests on a less than daily basis while my member's account continued to receive them daily. (My owner's account is linked to Gmail, the member account to AOL.) This happened four or five times in mid-April. This past week it began happening again. My owner's account received no daily digest on the 19th and 20th though my member account did. The owner account received a digest on the 21st which began with messages that had been posted on the 18th. After receiving a digest on the 21st, I did not receive a digest to the owner account on the 22nd. I received a digest this morning (the 23rd) with messages beginning from the 21st. The member account got them both days.

I'm wondering why this is happening? On GMF it was explained if a particular email address is way down the list for digest delivery, there may be no digest generated on certain days. We joined in January 2018 and this never happened -- the digest failing to appear on a daily basis -- until April 2021. Is this a bug or just something we should expect to happen occasionally?

tommy meehan

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