moderated Quoting Message Posts in Replies #suggestion


Currently when subscribers reply to a message post via web the message they are replying to is not quoted by default. This results in many puzzling and out-of-context replies that are essentially a waste of bandwidth and a source of irritation to other subscribers. This is a matter of simple oversight on posters' part because the Quote Message Post button is obscure and easily overlooked. Following are two suggestions for improving this:

1) A group option setting to have message posts quoted by default. This would suppress the Quote Message Post button from the composition window and automatically quote the message being replied to. Only the immediate post would be quoted; not accumulated threads. The poster could edit or delete the quoting if they wished to do so.

2) An interactive alert ("popup") in the composition window giving the poster the option to quote the post they are replying to, for example: "Would you like to quote the message you are replying to?". This would at least remind posters of the option


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