moderated Re: #bug Messages no longer shown as read in browser #bug

Bob Morley

On Sat, May 15, 2021 at 01:20 PM, Bob Morley wrote:

Starting about May 2, 2021, when I read messages in a browser looking at the Messages List heading, the links are no longer being marked as being read as I read through one post after another.

In other words, the links still show blue after I have read through several. The problem appears to be that "Next" arrow points to a "sparse" link rather than the full link as seen in the Messages list view.

eg) List view shows:,,,50,0,0,0::created,0,,1,2,0,29318
      <,> links use:

This has been working for several years [ reference: ] and now appears to be broken.

This was also reported on a help group,  It seems to be using the next/previous arrows that creates the problem.  This may be related to

... and some time in the last few hours, all of the read messages that I manually went back and forth between the message single view and the overview list view to make sure that they were shown in the browser as "read" went back to blue!

Same scenario as when the problem started about 2 weeks ago. Except this time, that was the fix!

Now both the summary list view and the <> single message view lists use the same sparse link and all is well in Mudville once again.



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